Es gibt auf den meisten Strecken, auf denen ich fahre, keinen Raum für Fehler. Um irgendein echtes Straßenrennen zu gewinnen, braucht man nicht nur ein gutes Motorrad, man muss auch in der richtigen Verfassung sein und ein sehr gutes Team haben. Denn um einem Motorrad vertrauen zu können, bedarf es einer richtigen Vorbereitung.

Because I do a lot of other stuff, whether it’s working on trucks or taking part in 24-hour mountain bike races, people think I’m not as focussed on road racing as other riders, but I am totally focussed every time I get on my race bike. There are days when something might not be dead right, either with me or the bike. When it’s a day like that I hold up my hands and say, I was beaten by a better man. But I know there is a time and a place to push, and things go wrong if you push when things aren’t right. When everything is, I can challenge for wins. I’ve proved that.

That team includes the mechanics working on it and the people supplying the tyres. I trust my team 100 per cent, so then it’s down to us working together to get our bike set up on the day and me going out there and doing the business.