1. Dundrod is a mega track. It has the fastest average top speed of any motorcycle race in the world. It’s fast and flowing, and you have to be fully committed in the corners or you won’t win. There’s no section where you’re going from top gear back to first for a chicane or anything like that, it’s all just bloody fast.

2. I go on a Wednesday and leave for home on Saturday night, so I’m not away for two weeks like I am for the TT.

3. I’ve won loads of races there: four in one day in 2006, where I did the first official 130mph lap. I won three races is 2013 as well.

4. I’m not being cocky, but when everything is right I think I can beat anyone around there. Usually, when everything is spot-on, I can get to the front and no one manages to come with me, but in 2014 Anstey matched me. Both the superbike races were a battle. We were hard at it and he won one and I won the other.

5. I like the crowd. They’re like an Irish national race crowd. They’re proper supporters, because who the hell else would want to go to Dundrod? It’s always wet and miserable, so you get hardcore fans who go because they know the racing is always good.