I don’t own a TV and I don’t have the internet at home, but I’m never short of things to do. There isn’t a day I don’t want to go in to work. Motorcycle racing has never been a job for me. Trucks have always been the big picture, not plan B if something didn’t work out. It’s the real world and that’s where I want to be.

I love my pushbikes too. I race solo 24-hour mountain bike races in the middle of winter in Scotland. I love the pain of it. I’m always looking for the next extreme race to see if it’ll physically break me.

Tools have been a big part of my life. Some weeks, when I was younger, I could to spend the majority of wages buying the latest Snap-On tool.

After I’ve been to work, cycled 18 miles home and been in the shed working on bike projects or tuning engines, I love to read. My favourite author is George Orwell. His books, 1984 and Animal Farm changed my life. I read all sorts of books, but I’m not clever enough to deal with all the ideas they fill my head with.

I’ve had some fast cars, but none of them are as cool as my Volvo Amazon. It has a modern six-cylinder engine with a massive turbo. It’s faster than a Ferrari. It was built by a bloke who works for Koenigsegg and I bought it a couple of years ago, but I’ve blown it up twice.

The thing I like most of all is my dog, Nigel. He’s a Labrador, still a pup, but he’s bloody brilliant.