I’m Guy Martin, a truck fitter from Lincolnshire in England. I was born in 1981 in Grimsby, the town I still work in. I have some hobbies, including racing motorbikes. Racing has never been a job or a career for me, it’s fun and I’ve always said that when it stops being fun I’ll do something else.

I’m not so indoctrinated that I have to race or be involved in the racing world, and I’ve never relied on it for an income. I do it because I love it. When everything’s going right there’s nothing better than racing my motorbike.

I’ve competed in British Superbikes and World Endurance, but I’m best known for being a real roads rider, racing at places like the Isle of Man TT, the North West 200 and the Ulster Grand Prix in Ireland.

I have also made a few TV programmes, about history and breaking unusual records, like cycling at 113mph, trying to ride a motorcycle across a lake and go-karting down Mont Ventoux in France.

When I’m not racing either a motorbike or a bicycle, or filming for the TV job, I work at a truck yard, servicing Scanias.